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I'm starting this out with my favorite fishing poem. It's a poem I found hand-written in the front of an antique book. First published online by me on my original site in the late '90s, it's been stolen by dozens of people and incorporated into their websites. I know this because even if it was published somewhere in it's original form, it would be highly unlikely to have the same revisions that I made to modernize it. Please enjoy it, and respect it by linking to it if you wish to share it. Thanks.

Flyfishing Poem Link

We also have free windows wallpapers:

Antique Flyfishing Still-life

This is a studio photo of some vintage flyfishing equipment. There is a fishing creel, bamboo rod, Four Brothers flyreel, antique salmon flies, a vintage fly-tying vise, and a silk gut winder.

Antique Lure Silhouette

This is a silhouette of a vintage lure with propeller.

Four Brothers Delite Fly Reel

This is a vintage Four Brothers flyreel photo done with a watercolor effect. the reel is nickel-silver with hard rubber sides... a classic fly reel.

Black Doctor Salmon Fly

Brass Fishing Reel

Antique brass fishing reel from the 1800's, maker unknown.

Vintage Salmon Flies

A pair of antiqu classic salmon flies on original card from Farlow and Co.


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