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Fly Proportions: Dry Fly


Head equals eye (1/16" max)

Hackle length equals body length (2/3-3/4 wing length)

Wing equals shank

Tail equals 150% body length

Hackle tip wing equals 3/4 gap across at widest point

Body equals shank less head (hackle will cover about 1/3 of this)


As with all fly styles, there are artistic variations on these proportions listed. This is only for the experienced tyer, since there are still ratios that have to be maintained for a uniform look. 

Also keep in mind that some flies when tied according to the original formulas differ from these ratios, usually since they represent a particular insect or food item that varies from the typical one. If in doubt, get a book on tying patterns. My personal favorite is Leiser's book.